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Dołączył: 11 Kwi 2009
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Link do postu Wysłany: 2009-09-07, 11:35 Relacje między siostrami- opis naocznego świadka

The Spoon o meczu deblowym naszej pary na USO 2009 zportalu TennisForum

I went to the U.S. Open on Thursday and saw the Radwanska doubles match, so I think I can shed some light on the situation.

Basically, Urszula seemed to have a meltdown during the match. The sister won the first set, but early in the second set they fell behind 2-0 or 3-0. Ula started getting angry at Aga. I don't know what she was saying, but by her tone of voice, body language, and facial expressions it seemed like Ula was was blaming Agnieszka several times when they lost points. I'm no expert (I'm just a casual fan), but it seemed to me that Ula's criticism was unjustified. Aga was doing okay and getting angry doesn't help anyway. The sisters actually broke back to even the set, but that didn't calm Ula down. The teams traded games until the second set reached a tie breaker. The sisters had a terrible tie break. I think there was a disputed call at some point during the tie break.

During the third set, Ula was angry most of the time. The other team (a Turk and a Kazhak) had normal doubles team chemistry. They high-five and talked between points. But for most of the third set, the Radwanska sisters didn't talk to each other at all (not even a quick word between points to discuss what to do). Late in the match, during the time-outs, Aga would sit in her chair just like normal, but Ula wouldn't sit in the chair next to her. Instead, she remained standing on the court.

It was an ugly situation. It was sad because I was looking forward to seeing them and the first set went well. I don't blame Aga for saying she doesn't want to play doubles with her sister again, because from what I saw Ula was behaving very badly.

I don't think Aga reinjured herself, because I don't remember the trainer coming out. She did have a brace on her wrist durng the match though.
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